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Discussion 2 to Meditation 27
Enough with the sweeping generalisations.

By Dan

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Enough with the sweeping generalisations in Meditation 27. An atheist is someone who tries to convince other people god doesn't exist?

How about an agnostic is just an athiest who's too chickenshit to stand up against religious expectation?

Offensive isn't it?

For your information many atheists don't give a monkey's arse what religious people choose to believe either. In fact I know a few who are overjoyed the vast majority of people are so demonstratably gullible, as it gives them confidence of their own success through exploitation.

Just to bring science into the debate it's not necessary to prove that a Supreme Being doesn't exist to rationally form the 'belief' that one doesn't. Just like the "theory" of evolution, gravity and relativity absolute one hundred percent undoubted proof does not have to be obtained before announceing them more than theories.

I'm just as convinced that there's no god as I am that evolution is correct, but these views may be overtuned or modified if new scientific research comes to light.

Until then I'll thank you to stop labelling all athiestist as close-minded cruseders of their own "beliefs".