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Discussion 4 to Meditation 321
Have your belief.

by Lynda Eyambe

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Mr. DeLucchi, you said it yourself

“…I am ducking from the jibes and scoffs thrown by the detractors”.

With all due respect, your ducking ability makes dodge ball a prime candidate for entry into the Olympics. Once again, you fail to discuss the central issue and contest the facts but instead resort to a pathetic sentimental display. I also live in Africa and I’ve lived in South Africa. That poverty you speak of, I doubt you’ve been a part of. I doubt you’ve lived through any of the desolateness you describe and are so quick to embrace as part of your reality. The very fact that you are able to browse through this site and contribute on numerous occasions is testament to the fact that the Africa you describe is not the Africa you live in. You see no hope and no money; you see no future for your kids. Well, granted, that is just your opinion, however pessimistic that opinion may be. You use the suffering of others as a shroud to justify your beliefs.

However, if I am wrong and you do live in abject poverty and you really are “one pay check away from disaster” (other than the rich, who isn’t?) please, by all means have faith. Have your belief. No one has ever denied you that right. But out of respect to the rest of us Africans, don’t use the continent’s socio-economic situation as a trump card or blanket immunity in defence of your religion. Speak for yourself when you say God is all ‘we’ have left.

I have faith in my People, and If I get sick I’ll sure hope some (possibly African) doctor is going to be willing to treat me, because so far, God hasn’t done me much good. And I’ll pass on pain and suffering, thank you very much.