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Discussion 3 to A Miscellany 290
Thank you for the helpful comments

by: Emily VanLaeys

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I have just read these responses and found them very helpful. I've always found it difficult to understand agnosticism and atheism - my father is an agnostic who does not like to discuss his beliefs, so he hasn't been very helpful. With your comments in mind, I will probably delete my references to atheists and agnostics.

Just FYI, I agree that it is up to humanity to transform the world to a peaceful existence. I just happen to believe that remembering our divine source and our connection to each other and  All-That-Is will help us to achieve this goal.

As far as researching the natural forces that make up the universe...I am not of a scientific bent, but as much as I understand, I do not see any conflict between the natural world and my beliefs since I don't think of God as supernatural. If God is All-That-Is, that includes the natural forces that make up the universe. I don't see God as a supreme being who is separate from creation. And there is no point in a mystic looking for the nonexistence of something that she has already experienced as real.

Thanks to your helpful comments, I have added a sentence in this section:

   "Many who believe in the Intelligent Design of the universe still do not credit any of the world religion's images of God with the creation and evolution of everything. For instance, the God of the Hebrews still has no interest in the evolution of Christianity, the Christian's God has nothing to do with the evolution of earth-based religions, and Hinduism's pantheon of gods does not comprehend a God-head that won't recognize more than three aspects of itself."