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Discussion 1 to Ask the Patriarch 27
Unbelievable! But no... it's Steven Smith again, it is believable.

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On 23 July 2003, Steven Smith wrote to request the removal of Ask the Patriarch 27. While I had earlier acceded to removal of a previous round of communications from him which had been published in Talk Back 26, I saw no reason to extend the courtesy yet another time. I flatly rejected his request. I also told him clearly: "And any further correspondence from you will be posted on the Apathetic Agnostic web site if it suits my purposes." He then replied with what I have published in an updated Talk Back 26.

At the same time I composed my reply, and as he had given me a link to the latest version of his web site, I visited, and noted the considerable spelling errors. I took, I must guiltily admit, childish pleasure in bringing a small selection of these errors to his attention in his guestbook.[1]

No doubt, I still have my own spelling errors spread across this web site. If anyone wants to point them out, whether in a spirit of helpfulness or as a "gotcha," I will promptly correct those errors and send a message of thanks, as I have in the past.

That is not the way of Reverend Smith. He responded with the rant published below, just as he wrote it.

Interesting the way this individual is free with his threats! In Talk Back 26, he is threatening me with his god and torments of the afterlife. A futile gesture, as I believe in neither. In this message, he is threatening to send in his lawyers.

I don't submit to bullies.

And I strongly object to his suggestion that I have been harassing him. All three rounds of communication with this individual were originated by him. All I have done is respond. I have no interest in his picayune Christian ministry. I would be perfectly happy to be unaware of his existence, except he keeps forcing himself upon me. He tells me not to contact him, then writes to me again, and again, and again. (Steven: the message to you is if you don't write, you won't get an answer to get all offended over.)

I am ignoring his request for confidentiality. That requires agreement of both parties. I made no such agreement. Rather, he was firmly advised before he sent this latest missive that any communication from him might be published.

If you think I am being hard on Reverend Smith, just compare his description of his own church as "Kind And Loving" against the actual words used by him below and in Talk Back 26.

Individuals like this deserve to be exposed. And they are best exposed through their own words.

"Please Do Not Post Anything Else On The United Christian Association Guest Book. Your Comments Are Not Welcome, And Another Post Would Considered Harassment (Seeing as though I am now telling you not to post anything else) And The Proper Authorities Will Be Contacted By The U.C.A.'s Legal Advisor. Consider This Your Final Warning From Us Before Legal Action Is Taken (Although We Are Already Considering For The Way That You Have Portrayed Our Kind And Loving Church). Please Watch What You Post On Your Website About Us From Now On, Again This Is Your LAST Warning. I Hope You Find This Letter Amusing Also.

P.S. This Letter Is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL (That means it stays between the two of us and you do not have any permission to post it on any website!). Please Do NOT Contact Me, The UCA, Or Any of Our Affiliated Ministries (They Are All In Agreement When We Say That Any Correspondence After This Date Will Be Considered As Harassment And We Have A ZERO Tolerance Towards Harassment Of Any Kind.) Again I Say, Do Not Contact Me, The UCA, Or Any Of Our Affiliate Ministries Ever Again. So Please Keep Your Disgusting Views, And Beliefs Away From US! GOD Bless!"



  1. I request that this article not be considered an open invitation to contribute further critical entries to Steven's Guestbook. Do not contribute to his sense of persecution. Let it be clear that he is the source of his own difficulties through his repeated uninvited correspondence.