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Discussion 2 to Reflections on Ethics 8
On "Why do they lie?"

by Anthony DeLucchi

Re: Reflection 8

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I read your article with interest, I find your standpoint fair inasfar as your belief goes.

I agree with you that it is a sad fact that any faction in attempting to prove their point inflate statistics to achieve a reaction and out of every 10 people who read the message at least 3 are going to believe it and use it as the point of departure to back their argument. Who knows who actually is behind all of these obscure movements, pro-abortion, anti-abortion, etc. I belong to no faction. I do not support abortion full stop. The argument of when does "life" start or when is a feotus human or not is an excercise in futility, if fertilisation occurs and all things being equal and nature follows its course that what is placed in the womb is human. It does not magically become human after a period of time. That is all I will venture on this part of the argument. You do not have to believe in God to realise that! My gran always told me I was a monkey and my folks fetched me from the mountain. Now if you believe that then maybe you can believe that the feotus is not human until 12 weeks or so.

Don’t worry I will not wax on about the emotional and sad state we have developed when we allow the slaughter of innocents, I am sure the evangelists of America have whipped that line to death.

It is this "fact", which you have found....

That means about 46 million abortions a year; still a large number but considerably less than the original claim.

Good grief! That is more than the population of South Africa. I mean Hitler and his Nazis killed 6 million people, and we all know the repercussions that started. Over 40 years of Apartheid the security police of SA killed about 400 activists and we all know they were tried for it. Now people of this world snuff out 46 million people, by choice!  I will not even hazard an educated guess on how many people have been denied existance since abortion became common practice. You know a man, even in the most miserable of circumstance will hang on to life for as long as it is possible and even beyond that.

A tsunami wipes out a ¼ of a million people, and these same people lament, woe is us. Where was God? When I walk through my thoughts and wonder at this, and I see what we willingly do in the name of ourselves, our well being and or comfortable existance, I ask not, “Where was God?” I ask, “Where were we?”.

Are we Human? Are not these “movements” the pro-choicers, the pro-lifers, not just eye-blinds?  It is a successful diversion, it takes away the horror of what is really happening and reduces it all to a debate, a never-ending non-concluding public debate.

Why do they lie?

Because they have been lied to, because they have been hoodwinked, they have been decieved and they are afraid extremely afraid. You might be able to sleep at night and I too sleep at night, but when I wake up I feel guilty and dirty. Collectively I am just as guilty as those who support this inhuman action, because I know I am human and I know unfortunately I am also capable of this under the same circumstance. This is the most frightening truth of it all. No matter what we purport to believe or what we gloriously hold to be our spiritual destiny, we are all capable of doing what we abhore in others. It is no use debating the issue. We are all guilty of this. We are everyone just hypocrites. All I can plead is: stop it! There is another way! I will not make an impassioned prayer to make you see the truth, you know it, I know it, we know it, but we have given ourselves a choice, a choice not become involved, we have abstained. We really are on the road to never-never land.