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Discussion 1 to Reflection 79
On the parable of the spoons

by: Will Petillo

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Perhaps the message is about the nature of the afterlife (which, I assume, posters of that parable believe exists), namely that the afterlife is the same for everyone but the extent to which one can enjoy it depends on how well one has lived one's life.  I say this because it strongly reminds me of a parable I heard from a high school religion teacher that I feel has the same message but is more generalized and more blantantly metaphorical: "Heaven is a giant chocolate factory in the sky.  If you spent your life developing a love of chocolate, it will be paradise, but if you spent your life developing a love of pickle juice then the withdrawal symptoms will make it feel like Hell."

This view of the afterlife seems like it would correspond much better with most people's sense of justice than some other models (e.g. Dante's symbolic retribution) and thus be more appealing to them, hence the wide circulation of the parable.  On the other hand, your interpretation is completely valid – and considerably more intuitive than mine –, so I agree that the "long spoons" parable is rather silly.