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Discussion 1 on Talk Back 2
I do not doubt her feelings, but...

by Luke

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In response to Talk back 2, that very nice little girl explained her feelings of love that she experiences from being a Christian. I do not doubt her feelings. I do doubt their origins.

As I wrote in another item, I grew up Christian, and remember being 14 and praying and giving up all my worries and feeling all warm and fuzzy all over. But then I grew up. And I realized that perhaps the act of releasing your worries and responsibilities to the spirit, and letting the spirit fill you may not be what gives you that warm feeling. But perhaps it's the act itself. The passing off of all your worries, and believing someone else great and good is in control. It's the basis for religion, not just Christianity.

Ask someone from another religion who prays and meditates, and they will tell you of similar experiences. So if they are also feeling the love of their God, then how can that be? The Christian bible does not allow for the Existence of other gods. So how is it possible they are feeling the same Euphoria? Don't bother, I already know the Christian answer: it's Satan deceiving them. Because there is only one true God, the Christian God... How egotistical is that?