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Discussion 1 to Talk Back 24
Response to Talk Back 24

by Maarten van den Driest

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Dear John,

You give a very pragmatic reason to believe. Either God exists, or he doesn't. This is actually a fallacy, known as 'excluded middle'. A gazillion middles, in this case. As I read your letter, it seems as if you forget to mention all other deities.

There are hundreds of deities in whom at least some believe. All of those could set the correct set of rules and, presumably, all of those could punish us later. Agnosticism doesn't doubt one certain god's existence but the existence of all deity.

Your point is practically useless, btw. What if Allah makes the rules? Devoutly believing Christians would be in for a nasty surprise, all the while still agreeing with you. Believing in a god is absolutely no garantuee of a better or more moral life, mind you.

On another note: I have grave ethical doubts about a man who believes a certain set of concepts or follows a certain set of rules on the chance that he gets rewarded later.

The old lady probably doesn't mind why she is helped to cross the street but I find it rather callous to do it because I might be rewarded with eternal life for it. Simple kindness seems to be preferable.

Maarten van den Driest