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But I'm not in a burning building.

by: JT

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I regret not responding to this (or even reading it carefully) when you submitted it back in 2003, Jason. Perhaps we could have clarified a couple of things.

First of all, I suspect your reference to Meditation 40 was in error. It has very little relevance to the argument you offer. I suspect that instead of addressing the issue of billboards, you intended to criticize my discussion of the lack of historical evidence for Jesus covered in Meditation 38. Or it could have been something completely different.

But my prime point here is to address your old burning building analogy. It opens by demanding we assume we're all in a burning building. Well, I am not going to assume that. And if I won't assume without a shred of evidence that life is somehow analogous to being trapped in a burning building, then the whole analogy of Jesus saving me from the fire falls flat on its face.

My life is not a burning building. I'm outside, smelling the roses.

Wild Rose - Gabriola Island. Photo by JT

Life is for living; we don't need to saved from it. Enjoy life.