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Discussion 2 to Talk Back 49
You haven't given us any reason to believe

by Hugo

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In response to Talk Back 49 -

It gets tiring for all of us replying to people who haven't read our replies to previous emails raising the same points.

"Christ came to offer you truth and freedom. You may not believe that it's possible to know the truth, but it is. God is not apathetic. He's loving and generous and very merciful."

You haven't given us any reason to believe anything you say. Given that all common arguments for God have been thoroughly debunked on this website and elsewhere (you only have to look), and common arguments against God (like the Problem of Evil) have not been debunked, I'd say the burden of proof lies with you.

Have you any reasons why the three Apathetic Agnostic Articles of Faith are wrong?

I thought not.

You say:

"Seek Christ in prayer. Listen and open your heart to better news..."

I've tried it. It didn't work. How about you try Apathetic Agnosticism? Just for a week. Read the Articles of Faith (and more, hopefully), then write "I am an Apathetic Agnostic" on a piece of paper. Go with it for a week, and see what it's like. Maybe you'll stay Apathetic Agnostic.