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Discussion 3 to Talk Back 49
Why did God do this and why did God do that?

by Thomas J

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In response to Susann's question: why did God do this and why did God do that? or even why did he/she not do this? God is more of the observer. God gave us free will so we could be the creators of our own self and surroundings. You choose you own path. Really there are no rules! only universal laws. When you understand this reality you can move forward. Did you ever see the film groundhog day?? This clearly shows you an example of the universe at work. What I think I want you to understand is forget about these external events. The meaning of your life/existance is in a word YOU. Your here to experience your higher self through learning and experience.

Please don't worry so much about all the suffering. just think does a pregnant mother not go through 9 months(life) of pain and suffering. and when the baby(heaven) finally arrives there is only joy and all the suffering seems worth it. on saying that during the 9 months(life) one can still experience joy. God bless