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Discussion 3 to Talk Back 52
God is like the internet...

by Thomas J

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Sorry Ritchie for my ignorance of the workings of the internet. Maybe you could apologise for your ignorance of the workings of the universe!! Ritchie says "God is a creation of man". Therefore I guess it's all in the imagination. If this is true we have no souls/spirits.

Yes people we are just evolved educated apes!!

Apes whom once played in trees, over a number of years have developed by their own accord to build and create sky scrapers, aero planes, the internet... etc. I can now listen to another evolved ape singing from this thing called a CD.

P.S No I don't believe in magic!!

Eminem has no spirit.

Muhammed Ali has no God given talent.

Bob Marley has no soul!!

I'm sure people do understand how the internet works. I type message and instantly it is sent world wide... it is called magic!!