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Discussion 2 to Talk Back 53
Who is the Real Huckster?

by William S.

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Mr. Barth:

You sent John Tyrrell an article very critical of his efforts. He made corrections to make your article better, and he published it on his web site.

I think some people would have sent a polite message saying "Thank you."

I think some others would have sent a message saying how decent and honorable he was to publish views different from his.

You sent a message insulting him. Instead you should have STFU.

huckster n. 1. a peddler or hawker of wares, especially of fruits, vegetables etc. 2. a mean haggling tradesman; tricky mercenary peddler

John Tyrrell runs this website using his own money. He does not accept donations. He freely publishes opposing views.

You, Mr. Barth, unnecessarily sign your article with a non-relevant professional qualification and your location - almost as if you are advertising your services.

Who's the real huckster?