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Discussion 3 to Talk Back 53
The truth is a very contestable issue.

by Anthony DeLucchi

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Mr. Barth:

" There are plenty of closet Agnostics out there and they, as I, will find you if you propagate the truth and not preach, which is a complete turnoff and antithetical to Agnosticism."

The truth, Mr Barth, is a very contestable issue. If one is to propogate your interpretation of a truth, this would, to you, not be idle preaching, but if one differed from your opinion, then would this be considered "preaching"?

How does one establish a truth?

I would suppose one would balance all the material containing this "truth", weigh all the oral interpretation and the written records, measure all of this over time, iron out what is not continuous and keep what is repetitive, and you will have a very clear picture of what is being propagated. Which my dear chap, is exactly what the Bible is, it was not written over a weekend, nor did it pass through one obscure pulp publisher, it was 5000 years in the making. Many things had to come to pass for the words to be projected to millions of peoples, yes I said peoples and not people, and this was not done as a market ploy. I doubt anybody got rich selling bibles, because by the time capitalism came into full swing the bible had reached most places in the world already.

Now back to this truth thing.

Agnostism – is this not backing the field?

I sort of believe but I am not sure or I do not believe but I am still not sure!

I have a pair of shoes like that, I like them, but I am not sure if anyone else likes them, so I have to make up my mind do I wear them cos I like them or because everybody else likes them? Be honest with yourself, come out of the closet, if you believe in God, believe in God and be brave in that belief. If you do not believe in God then follow the populists. I mean in Germany in the 30’s everybody loved Hitler he was the populists' choice! Atheism is popular today, democracy maintains majority rules, unfortunately the majority can also be wrong.....