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Religious spam.

by Julie DiMauro

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According to a quick Google search of "Final Freedoms," this Robert Landbeck seems to have a tendency to spam religious discussion boards promoting his site which claims to have new "irrefutable evidence" supporting the existence of God, in the form of alleged newly discovered primary source documents (which, for some reason, no historians seem to know about, but Mr. Landbeck does!)

He leaves this message, almost verbatim each time, behind:

"Something of a very big spanner [monkey wrench-in US English] appears to have been thrown into the works of the whole ID vs Evolution argument, and at both sides as well! But particularly at the 'Christian worldview' as offered by tradition, and which underpins creationism and some would say ID. This is so unexpected and implausible, I can only quote from a posting to one of my philosophy discussion group forums, but the site and the material are real! And how this play out is anyones guess!

A new scriptural synthesis and interpretation, [authorship unknown] entitled The Final Freedoms, which includes material from the OT/NT, Apocrypha, The Dead Sea Scrolls and The Nag Hammadi Library, to describe and teach the first wholly new Christian moral and spiritual paradigm for two thousand years is on the Net.

And this is the first ever religious teaching, a gospel able to demonstrate by an act of faith, its own efficacy! That is to say, the first living and testable proof of the living God has been published and is circulating on the Web! However incredulous this may sound, if this teaching is confirmed, and there appear to be many who are attempting to do so, it can only be described as an intellectual and religious revolution in the making!

The site where I found my copy of the manuscript [a 1.3mb pdf download] at is at www.energon.uklinux.net

Cheers: RAL"

This appears to be religous spam.