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Discussion 3 to Talk Back 59
"I am" is so right

by: Thomas J

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So right are the words 'I am'. I acknowledge that 'I am' a part of God and God a part of me. 'I am' a part of the whole, which is the all and the nothing. We are each a piece of God, so its how we choose to reflect this.

And Jesus said "For have I not said, ye are Gods? Yet you do not believe. If you cannot, then, believe in yourself, believe in me". Yes Jesus helps, He was a very special soul. But to believe in yourself is to believe in God because you are God. We're like little mini gods, the 'created has become the creator'

Choose belief over doubt. If you wish to choose doubt, fine, that is your God given right of free will. God will not stop you doubting Him, for that would be to take away what HE has given.

Allow these 'SEEDS of DOUBT' to grow and see where it leads you. I lived with doubt (possibly a code word for the devil) and it depressed the HELL out of me. Now I'm in heaven!

I choose to believe, everyday I feel blessed, top of the world, I 'll walk on water if I have to. Impossible doesn't exist.