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Discussion 2 to Talk Back 61
Do you have a choice?

Anthony DeLucchi

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To believe or not to believe?

This is the question. Do you have a choice?

If you do not want to believe, then you have a choice.

If you believe, you have no choice!

This is the simplistic truth of it. A believer cannot disbelieve, he has not the option. To believe is to trust it to be true. If you know it to be true, you are not a believer anymore, because you have knowledge of this truth. So think of it this way, Christ spoke with conviction, because he was not a believer. He knew it to be true. Now when one plays with this in mind it becomes clearer to know why Christ could do that which He did, because he knew. We do not, this is why we believe, we trust it to be true and because we trust it, we find it extremely difficult to translate this into fact so that you the non-believer will believe the way we believe. And now I say again a believer has no choice, but to believe.

Christ knows. We use this as an expletive nowadays, but that is the truth of it. Christ knows!