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Discussion 3 to Talk Back 61
The choice is in the search

by JT

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I think Anthony DeLucchi may have a point when he writes:

If you believe, you have no choice!

But, logically the same applies if you do not believe. Disbelief is not a choice either.

Choice is exercised when you come to the conclusion that your current belief system is no longer valid, and you choose to consider alternatives. When, and if, you determine to follow a new belief system, that is not a choice[1], it is because that new belief system seems to you to be right.

The choice is in the decision to search for enlightenment, not in where it is found.



  1. Some people do choose their religion / denomination for reasons other than belief. Those factors may be, for example, social, political or business. But this is not choosing a belief system, rather it is choosing a hypocrisy system.