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Discussion 2 to Talk Back 75
I seriously considered Christianity

by: Kaye Madison

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I have Christian friends whom I love and respect, I have Christian teachers whom I learn from and adhere to, and I have a Christian school which I return to each consecutive day. In short, I am very spiritually aware, and though there many times I seriously considered Christianity, I am now a self confirmed agnostic. I believe in rationality, logic. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Christians, I see them as living human beings with simply a different point of view. My friends likewise regard me. We coexist harmoniously, knowing full well we are on different spiritual planes.

What I do resent, however, is the implication that we (agnostics) find religion “unsavory” or “annoying”. The implication that we do not honestly consider the Christian point of view is also insulting. I have been attending weekly masses and a religious school for five years. Only in the last year did I decide I was an agnostic. Therefore you should understand that I gave it a chance, I thought about for the better part of four years. Unable to move beyond the inconsistencies, I rejected it. But I leave Christianity alone, and I do not preach to my Christian friends about agnosticism.

My simple request: consider the fact that you are wrong. If you are unable to do that, than you could never understand the foundation of logical, agnostic belief. We critically analyse ourselves, consider the facts we believe carefully. This is something Christians never do. Until you can, I’d advise you not to enter rational discussions with us.