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Discussion 3 to Talk Back 88
I tell my students that you can be logically right and still be wrong.

by: Michael Horn

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When David talks about an intelligent designer by a grand design, it makes me think. Look at the balance of nature. It is so interconnected and perfect that we do not understand it fully or the roles each individual person plays in that connection to our world. So we just chuck it off to the idea of random chaos or luck.

Yet if that is true, why do whales have blow holes on top of their heads (I know it is not really on their heads but it's close enough)? Is this some random freak of nature that caught on like evolution believes or was this best design?

Why do honey bees have a taste for nectar? Was this some random genetic accident that just happens to benefit the planet?

It's questions like this that makes me stop and think that maybe, we do not understand fully evolution or it is just wrong. I tell my students that you can be logically right and still be wrong. The Greeks looked at the world and found the sun went around them. Their conclusion was that the Earth did not move. It took fifteen hundred years to get rid of that idea. Are we so enamored by evolution that we will not look at other ideas or even consider other questions that are not God centered but basic science, and may lead us into new directions?