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Do you think your message will make the lights go on?

by: JT

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I'm sure you think you had good intentions in sending your short message, but what are you trying to achieve? Seriously, do you actually think your message will suddenly make the lights go on and make the readership of this site realize that there is a God - and it's the god that Donovan believes in - and we'll all realize there really is a devil and there really is a Jesus Christ, Son of God?

What in your message would make any non-believer believe?

Imagine if you will the following scenarios:

What would these young men write in a message to us? Would there be a reason, if they sent something equivalent to what you wrote, for anyone to change their minds?

Would any of the messages give a good reason to pick one religion over another? Or would the lack of any reason convince the reader that no religion is worthy of attantion?

I suggest that before you try to convince others that your religion is The One True Faith, you should first try to understand exactly why you follow that religion. If you have a good logical reason, then perhaps you can build on that in attempting to convert others. But until that time, you will just have to accept that for those who don't believe in God, "God loves you" is an expression without meaning.