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One of the silliest passages in the Bible

by: JT

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There are a lot of silly passages in the Bible, and the one that YN has chosen for his little sermon has to be one of the silliest. Don't worry, God is going to take care of everything, God will provide you with everything you need with no effort on your part, except for showing some faith.

Right! That's a recipe for starving to death - if you don't freeze to death first, stark-naked in early-winter.

And the example of the two Christian farmers, one of whom prays to God for specifics, and the other who just prays for God to do whatever God thinks necessary? What utter nonsense!

No farmer, regardless of religious belief or lack thereof, farms this way. The farmer makes every possible effort to ensure the crop gets enough water, enough fertilizer, and by planting in the right season ensuring the opportunity for correct light and temperature. Farmers, even if they have absolute faith in their particular god or gods, do everything in their capacity to make their crops flourish. Farmers work! They do not rely on prayer.

There is an old quotation, not in the Bible, which most English speakers are familiar with: "God helps those who help themselves." Sidney Algernon (1622-1683). Whether you believe in God or not, this reflects the way to live your life. Wildflowers should not be our model for how to live.