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Discussion 2 on Talk Back 105
You completely misunderstood my point

by: Anthony

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You completely misunderstood my point. I was not accusing atheists of being evil. My argument was not that belief in God is necessary for morality, but rather, without God, there are no objective moral values. There are some people who think that the Holocaust was good. As for Hitler's spiritual beliefs, we could dispute about that topic because there are many quotes from Hitler that could convince somebody that he was not a Christian. Hitler was not an atheist. I was not accusing atheists of being responsible for the Holocaust, so why are you lying? I said that under atheism's position, there is nothing objectively wrong with what Hitler did. And you are calling me ignorant! You sir, showed lots of ignorance in your response. There are many atheists who are good from a Biblical perspective, but they don't believe that there is any objective reason to me "moral."