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Position on Blasphemy

In general, we should respect other people and we should respect their rights to practise their own religion. That does not mean that we should respect the religion itself. Religion, like any other idea, is open for examination, criticism, rebuttal, and mockery even if such activities offend the practitioners of the religion. If believers are offended, they should remember they can freely examine, criticize, rebut and mock other religions and various forms of disbelief.

The reality is that blasphemy against other religions is part and parcel of following any specific religious view. For quibblers who claim that those who consider all religious views equally valid are not blaspheming, think again . They blaspheme against the very concept of the one true religion propounded by other religions.

Blasphemy is no more than exercise of free thought, free speech, and freedom of religion. It should not be legislated against.

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