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We recognize that many people are concerned about privacy in the internet. The following are the general guidelines by which The Apathetic Agnostic Church operates. These guidelines are consistant over the various websites associated with ApatheticAgnostic.com (nescience.org; unbaptism.org; intolerantagnosticism.com; clergyresource.com). However, if you follow an outside link, our policies do not and can not apply there.



Ordination and membership


Browsing: We do not track visitors. We do not use cookies. We do not feed visitors advertisements on any page, nor do we send advertisements via pop-ups or pop-unders. Be aware, however that we use third parties for the "search the site" function, and the "comments function."

In the case of "search the site" - we are phasing in duckduckgo search which promises no tracking and no advertisements. But we also provide Google search as an alternate for searching the site. If you use that, Google does track you and does feed you advertising.

In the case of "comments" - I'm fairly sure the comment system uses cookies, and it certainly collects email addresses.There may be other tracking that disqus uses. Most of this is necessary to keep spammers out. You may also see advertising. If these issues are of concern to you, don't use comments, rather submit your remarks for publication through the contact system.

Contact: We encourage visitors to contact us with comments and articles for publication in the interest of a healthy debate. The contact forms do collcect information from you - your name; your email address; your IP address; and your website URL if you choose to provide it.

If we publish your comments or article, your name as provided will be published.

We use the email address you provide to reply to your comments. Generally we will reply twice - once to acknowledge your submission and once to tell you your article has been published. We do not normally initiate further exchanges - we leave that up to you.

We do not keep your email address in any address book. We deliberately keep email address books empty so there is nothing for spammers to gram in the event of a malware attack.

Normally, we delete all mail after three months. Any personal information submitted is deleted at that time.

Ordination and membership: We do retain information on those who are ordained or become members. We ask for names, email addresses, and location. This information is kept in a database separate from the website. Email addresses are split over two fields as a simple security precaution - in the event of being hacked by a bot, the addresses are not easily identifiable for extraction. We need to retain this information because our ordained clergy are authorized to officiate of legal marriages and we have to be prepared to attest that clergy were ordained by us.

Actual application forms are deleted after three months at which time your personal information is no longer retained in the email program.

Other privacy concerns: If you have other privacy concerns, ask in the comments below or send a message via the contact system. We will reply and update this section as necessary.

Note: None of the above was written or reviewed by a lawyer. We hope this means it is reasonably easy to understand. It also means that a narrow legalistic interpretation is probably inappropriate. Rather it is a message of the spirit of respect with which we approach your privacy.


Please take a moment to share your thoughts, pro and con, or request further clarification on this FAQ.

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