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Meditation 22
Br*ttney Spe*rs N*de

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I have long assumed that, of those brought to visit the Church through conducting a key word search on the net, the majority arrived thanks to a search on one of "agnostic," "agnosticism," "apathy," and "apathetic." It seemed logical. But it was an assumption I had never verified.

Recently I found out that statistics were available. So I had a look at the results, expecting only to see if my assumptions as to the relative order of those four terms would be confirmed. To my great surprise, the several variations on agnostic and apathy were nowhere near the top of the list.

By a long shot, the top three search terms which bring people to this site are "brittney," "spears," and "nude." And in fifth and sixth spot were "gwynneth" and "paltrow." And really, these women are not what this site is about. (I'll get to the word in fourth place later.)

Now, I'm not cheating to bring people into the site. I don't use false meta-tags to influence search engines. But many engines go beyond the meta-tags and go through all the text contained on a site. And in Meditation 6 which was intended to illustrate how easy it is to make "psychic" predictions, both Ms. Spears and Ms. Paltrow are mentioned. And I think in this case fair use was made of their names to make my point. But I never expected that this would cause people to visit this site in search of nude images of either of them.

As a result, I did give some consideration to deleting Meditation 6 so as to avoid the impression of false advertising, and the article itself is somewhat dated. I even discussed the issue on our members' discussion board. And I appreciate the advice I received on this issue from our members, which was overwhelmingly to retain Meditation 6.

Also, I questioned whether I really want to attract people who believe they will find pictures of the naked Brittney on the net. It should be obvious to anyone familiar with how strictly her career is scripted, that the chance of her posing for nude photographs is pretty close to zero.[1] And anyone who actually searches for something with practically no chance of existence is not a likely candidate to become an agnostic.

So, a case is to be made for dropping the meditation. But, on the other hand, it makes a good point about so-called psychics and on that basis merits retention.

Also, there is the matter of the word in fourth position in the list of keywords that bring people to the site. That word is "fake." So there is hope for at least some of those searching for Ms. Spears nekkid. They know what they are looking for is illusory. And so they could very well be potential agnostics.



  1. Please bear in mind this was published in February 2001. Possibilities do change.