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Meditation 23
Fundamental Flaw

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Following is the complete text of a message I recently received.

The big bang theory: equivalent to a tornado going through a junkyard forming a boeing 747 jet airplane.

May God, who is not understandable by the logical human mind, open the eyes of your heart.

Given the nature of this site it is not surprising that I receive many messages of this nature. Why I feature this message in particular is that it captures the basic flaw in fundamentalist Christian thought so well.

We have God defined as "not understandable by the logical human mind." And I have no problem whatsoever with this definition of God. It is in line with much mainline Christian thought and scholarship. And is the reason God is taken on faith. Because a god beyond human comprehension cannot be proven, God's existence can only be taken on faith. And because a god beyond human comprehension cannot be proven and I have no faith, I am an agnostic.

So a god not understandable by the logical human mind can equally be the source of religious belief and of agnosticism. And I have no problem with those religious people who take their God on faith, and see their holy texts as the source of inspiration and guidance.

But, going back to the first line of the message, we have essentially a rejection of the Big Bang theory. And we can safely assume this implies a rejection of evolution, a claim the universe is somewhere between 6,000 to 10,000 years old, and the infallibility of the bible. The same person who is claiming that God is beyond our understanding is simultaneously claiming perfect understanding of how and when and why God created the Universe, humankind, and everything. It is not considered remotely possible that the incomprehensible god might just have chosen to work within the rules he created for the Universe.

So how can fundamentalists claim detailed knowledge of how their god works and how god does not work, and at the same time claim god is not understandable. Perhaps their logical processes are flawed. Perhaps the "eyes" of their hearts are blind.