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Meditation 59
Highly Recommended Reading

by Chen Chapman

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Ken’s Guide to the Bible, 1995 Ken Smith B.A. (143 pages) Blast Books, Inc. PO Box 51, Cooper Station NYC, NY 10276-0051

An absolute, well…BLAST of a book. Finds all the “naughty bits”, points out the insanity of God, finds the inconsistencies, all supported with (seems like hundreds of) actual biblical passages. Has terribly witty commentary by the author, too. Giggled my ass off. All three times I read it.


From the Introduction:

“Do people who pray to bleeding statues give you the willies? Do Darwin-bashing school boards…make your skin crawl?…

…I wanted to know what in the Bible makes people so crazy. So I read it. I was bug-eyed. Insane visions, twisted morals, greed and bloodlust fill its pages. It’s clear that those who champion the Bible as a guide to Family Values have only skimmed its surface, and those who use the Bible to push their religious and political agendas are keeping its weird parts under wraps…

…The Good Book has been coasting for years on good PR, fostered by those with an orthodox theology and made possible by Your and My ignorance of things Biblical.

Wise up. Stop being a Bible-bonehead. Read this guide.

And the next street-corner moralist who hassles you will wish he hadn’t.”

Humorous introductions to the books of the Bible, its major concepts and its most influential and often completely oddball characters.

From The Terrifying Future:

“The Book of Revelation is, hands down, the Bible’s most deranged. It was written by the apostle John, and if his epistles can be seen as John on pot, then Revelation is John on acid...

…Revelation is a window into the mind of a maniac. John wasn’t just another God-skewed zealot, he was a man who needed to be locked up and put on Librium…”

Includes easy reference icons for the following categories:

  • Weirdness
  • Bunk
  • Divine Wrath
  • Holy Distortion
  • Blood’n’Guts
  • Sex
  • Christian Arrogance
  • …and more

…as well as Ken’s Bible Sex Concordance and the Bonus Anti-Abortionist Horror Concordance.

The notes on Jesus’s possible eating disorder (see Tubby Jesus) are particularly compelling