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Meditation 74
A Sandwich Sermon

by Pastor Doug Ottney

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I've recently been faced with a number of significant life-changing events, that although they have been tough, they have also forced me to do some serious reflection. What I've realized is that at times like these, religious people tend to look to their God or their clergy to find meaning in the events, and support through their grief and turmoil. Where however, does an Apathetic Agnostic turn in times of trouble. Oh sure sometimes friends and family can be a good place to turn, but often despite their good intentions, they aren't very helpful. After some searching, I stumbled across the one thing that made sense to me: sandwiches.

Why a sandwich you ask? While others are turning to their gods, as a good Agnostic I looked for something true and tangible yet mind blowing and monumental. And so it is the humble, yet fantastic sandwich that I turn to in my time of greatest need. Oh I'm sure that many would mock my suggestion that sandwiches are mind blowing or monumental, but I don't think truly grasp the concept of the sandwich. In my entirely unscientific estimation, there are over 49 billion possible variations within the broad definition of the sandwich. While we tend to treat ourselves to only the most standard and mundane varieties of sandwich construction, there is a whole world of possibility out there just waiting to be discovered.

Just pondering the vast amount of bread choices that could be used is astounding, and that's not even thinking about the possible toasting applications. Then there is the matter of the fillings and condiments. I mean, it's simply unfathomable! A person could live their entire life and never eat the same sandwich twice. One day it could be turkey, bacon, provolone cheese, romaine lettuce and Dijon mustard on marbled rye, the next day it could be liverwurst and pickle on pumpernickel, the following day could be peanut butter and processed cheese on toasted Wonderbread, etc.

My advice to everyone is to look to the majestic beauty of the sandwich. Be brave and bold and search out new sandwich combinations. Don't be afraid to try peanut butter and pineapple. Remember that there is sandwich out there for everyone. Elvis had his fried peanut butter and banana, Dagwood had, well his Dagwood. Life is too short to ignore the wonder that is the sandwich.