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Meditation 87
Thanks for doing nothing, God.

by JT

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Last week, a West Virginia Man won nearly $315 million on the Powerball lottery. That is the largest Powerball jackpot to date.

As seems to be normal for winners in the United States, he promptly thanked his god. Unusually though , he did not thank God for giving him any assistance in his win, rather he essentially thanked God for staying out of the way, for doing absolutely nothing.

"I just want to thank God for letting me pick the right numbers, or letting the machine pick the right numbers for me"

I find this a welcome change to those who choose to thank their god for intervening on their behalf - or in other words, screwing the rightful winner.

It seems to me that those who thank a god for helping them to win; whether it be the lottery, a sporting event, a talent award, a scholarship or whatever; are saying in essence that someone else deserved to win, except that god put the fix in.

And I think, that in the unlikely event there really is a supreme being, she is unlikely to be bothered with getting involved in such trivial events.