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Meditation 90
Raelians - just reliving the '60s

by JT

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The Raelian Movement managed to garner a lot of public attention earlier this month with their totally unsupported claims to have produced the first human clone. And they quickly returned to relative obscurity when it became obvious that the promises of scientific evidence of their achievement would not be fulfilled.

However, while the press were paying attention, it was regularly reported that this sect has some 55,000 followers.[1] I regret to say, apathetic agnosticism can only claim about one tenth of that number.

Well, I can fall back on "quality over quantity." I seriously question the intellectual capacity of those who accept the Raelian creation story - that mankind was created by extraterrestrials some 24,000 years ago. There is no reasonable evidence for this tall tale except the unsubstantiated claims of one person. And those credulous enough to accept Rael's story would not be welcome in apathetic agnosticism.

But I suspect that this story is not what attracts people to the Raelian Movement. The sect also encourages nude meditation and free love amongst its members. And if there are indeed 55,000 members worldwide, that is probably what brought many of them in.

But you really don't need to follow the Raelian idiocy to practice free love and nude meditation. Just rent the Woodstock DVD, lay in a stock of your favourite mood altering substance(s) to ingest in a way of your choice, gather a group of your friends and acquaintances, and throw a '60s party.[2] You'll get all the fun without having to pretend you believe in an extraterrestrial creation fiction.



  1. Raelian Mathematics: They were reporting 55,000 members in January 2003. In February 2003 they announced that they had gained 5,000 members as a result of the publicity, bringing their total membership to 50,000 and representing an increase of 10%. At this rate of "increase" in membership, they will soon achieve pure imaginary status. (footnote added Feb 2003)
  2. You don't have to invite me; I already did the '60s once - my body might not be able to take it again. But I would be willing to try.