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Meditation 91
Belief is convenient

by Anonymous

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I was doing some thinking (dangerous, I know) about the reasons to believe in god, religion, Christ, zoroaster, Iluvatar, et cetera. So I did a web search on "why believe in religion" and I came up with the following link (among others):

Ten Reasons to Believe[1]

My reading of this confirms my own belief(!) that people believe in god or religion or whatever just because it's convenient:

I also found interesting the writer's view that even agnosticism requiring faith. The statement is made: "there is no proof that the existence of god is unknowable." Does anyone want to take on that particular statement?[2]

Anyway, just food for thought on this Friday morning (I basically didn't want to start working yet today)

Rabbi A.


  1. Unfortunately the relevant link - http://www.gospelcom.net/rbc/rtb/ - is no longer active. However, this pdf file is probably what the writer of this article was critiquing: 10 Reasons To Believe In The Existence Of God
  2. Editor's note: It is my view that unknowability is implicit in the very characterization of god as used by believers. Anything unexplainable about a supreme being is explained away with "god is beyond human understanding.."