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Meditation 98
God's Origin

by Rev. Timothy Peter Anderson

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During the stone age, life was hard; life was miserable. If the miserable primitives living at that time got sick, they just got sicker. There was no medicine to cure them. No vaccinations.

People had nothing to look forward to. Life’s great certainty was a painful death. Our ancestors probably welcomed death. Prayed for it? Maybe.

Disease still concerns us in this day and age. But in comparison with our concerns, imagine, just for a moment, the kind of despair that must have permeated early man and his way of life.

Did they live past the age of 30? Rarely.

This may be the root of what I call the concoction of god. You see, these people needed to believe in something. And they had nothing. So, they created something; something to ease their minds; something to give them a measure of comfort.

They needed a miracle, they created the miracle.

They created the creator, they created god.