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Meditation 104
Man's Downfall

by Rev. Timothy Peter Anderson

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Man’s downfall is, has always been, and will always be his inability to accept what is in front of him at face value.

“What are you saying?”, you might ask.

Simple. Nothing in this world points towards the existence of a higher power. Yet, nearly everyone on this Earth reaching and reaching. They are not willing to accept that their life has no intrinsic value. Rather, they assume some external power has assigned them some worth just for existing.

However, these people have the same value as any one other object . Or the universe as a whole. None. Life on earth is a meaningless existence in a dead world. Living to die. We do not matter.

Does that sound cold? It should! It is cold. Apathy is how I make it through the day. Apathy is sanity. Apathy works. Apathy is right. It is the way.

Look around you. Do you see god in this world? The one who commanded for his people to slam planes into buildings? I don’t. Not anywhere. And I have looked. If you do see god, send him my way…