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Meditation 107
Merciful God! Send in your Avenger!

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Over the past weekend, I was browsing the National Personals in the Globe and Mail in the far-fetched hope that a Nicole Kidman look-alike[1] might be advertising for an overweight superannuated agnostic male. Unsurprisingly my quest was in vain. Well, I can try again next weekend.

But I did find the following ad in the Messages section:

TO THE MOST HIGH. My God Father in heaven have mercy on us. Peace is Yours alone to give and the world cries. Please send me The Avenger[2] to deal with those who do evil in your name..[3]

Is this not the essence of every religious fanatic who has ever lived. "My views of what God wants are the only correct views, and He should help me smite down those with a different view of His desires."

Here we have the thinking that leads to the Crusades; to jihad; to the Inquisition; to the burning of heretics; to holy wars; to ethnic cleansing; the destruction, along with their occupants, of churches, temples, synagogues, and mosques; indeed, to all the evils committed in the name of God. And it's always a most merciful God that inspires this evil.

This is pure insanity. And the lunatics that espouse this type of view are blind to the fact that those they oppose and wish their version of god to smite are no more than their own reflections.

But, it's not all negative. This dirty underside of religion is what drives thinking people away from belief in gods, and towards agnosticism and atheism.

This is not to say we should not oppose evil in the world, or even act to strike it down. But, we should be prepared to take full responsibility for our actions, and not lay off that responsibility on what we think some supernatural entity might want.



  1. I try to keep my fantasies at least remotely possible. Expecting the original Ms Kidman to advertise would be going too far.
  2. I don't think the writer has a car in mind here, neither the Dodge, nor the Hillman. Conceivably, she has Steed in mind, or perhaps Emma Peel.
  3. The remainder of this ad will appear in a future Meditation. While I did not once find love in it, I found inspiration twice.