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Meditation 165
Friendly Fire Incident

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Lieutenant General William Boykin, who happens to be the deputy undersecretary for intelligence in the Pentagon, has publicly stated that the Muslim God is an idol.

Boykin is an evangelical Christian, and a popular speaker on the prayer breakfast circuit.[1]

But his intelligence sources apparently have not advised him[2] that the God of the Muslims is also the God of the Jews, and the God of the Christians.

Practices and subsidiary beliefs may differ among these three monotheistic religions, but they spring from the same source, exactly the same God.

By identifying the God of Islam as an idol, Boykin is effectively making the same claim for the God of the Christians, his own God. Thus the Christian God is an idol.

He's dropped the bomb on his own position, and scored a direct hit. In the military, that's called "friendly fire."


  1. Boykin has also stated on occasion that Bush, and before him, Clinton, became US President because God decided so. Perhaps Boykin is not familiar with "voting."
  2. His intelligence sources have also not advised him that Islam was founded in reaction to the worship of idols, and the prohibition of graven images is far stronger than Christian practice. Calling Allah an idol is particularly offensive to Muslims. Not the wisest of comments by an "intelligence" chief when the US government is trying to win support from the moderate Muslim community.