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Meditation 168
Graphics for Posters, Postcards & T-shirts

A discussion has been opened on this Meditation. To add your comments to the exchange, please use the contact page.

Our store (now closed) was opened to provide a range of products promoting Apathetic Agnosticism, not to make a profit. (And we have been quite successful at not making a profit.)

One of our members is trying the store concept once again. For UCTAA logo merchandise, you are invited to visit the new UCTAA Store.

We recognize that not everyone is prepared to pay good money to promote their lack of faith. So we are making available a small selection of graphics which you can use to make your own posters, T-shirts (we assume you can manage reversing the graphic,) postcards, or whatever. The graphics are not as high a resolution as those in the store, so you won't achieve the same quality, but they are free.

Click on a thumbnail below to bring up a larger version which you can save to your computer and print.

Articles of Faith
God's Own Billboard
I enjoy life... I am the one that Jerry Falwell,,,
I am the one that Fred Phelps,,, Rapture was last week...
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