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Meditation 200
Still Preaching Agnosticism

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Margaret Opine writes in Talk Back 38 "..there seems to be a war going on." That may be the only correct assumption in her diatribe.

I agree that there is a war. That war is not of our making. Rather it is that secular society is under continuing assault by those who believe, and wish to impose their narrow perspectives on everyone else. We are quite justified in defending ourselves and our children from the unwarranted intrusions of religion into education, politics, and social life which are being made by the proponents of fundamentalism, creationism and intelligent design.

It is the fundamentalists and evangelicals who have made war. We promote our views in legitimate self defence. Not to defend ourselves against these idiocies would be abandoning basic human rights.

Frankly, I don't care what believers happen to believe. I have no interest in converting them. Let them be happy in following their beliefs in their own personal lives as long as their beliefs do not impinge on my happiness in my own life. And when they come knocking on my door to convert me, when they send correspondence trying to convert me, when they deny science in schools, when they impose their god in political discourse, then they are invading my life.

As long as these types of attacks continue, I will continue to provide a forum for the promotion of agnosticism; I will continue to preach agnosticism; I will continue to wage this war in defence of principles that I hold dear.