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Meditation 225
Free Will Offering

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Staying with the theme of church signs in the previous Meditation, another nearby church had a sign outside advertising a guest preacher. And beneath the announcement was written:


Not being a frequent church attendee,[1] I am not sure what the intent of those words is. Perhaps it is a suggestion that voluntary cash contributions will be accepted over and above the regular compulsory tithing. Or, on the other hand, perhaps it really is intended to have the meaning I would assign it, that is that the next service presents an opportunity to give your free will to the church.

And that really is what belonging to a religion is all about, giving up your free will. Let the church decide what is right and wrong for you. Let the church do (or more likely, not do) critical thinking on your behalf. Let the church tell you how to think. Just give up your free will.

If there really is a creator, then surely she gave us our free will.

It's rather rude to turn around and hand it back.


  1. After wracking my brain, I determined the last time I attended a church service (other than weddings and funerals) was 25 December, 1975 - a Coptic church in Ismailia, Egypt.