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Meditation 239
Tachyon Quack, Quack, Quackery!

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A new "health" food store dropped its flyer in my mailbox. And on the advertisement was the following:


* Tachyon energy disks

* Magnets

* Sota Instruments

* Etheric Weavers made by
Tibetan Monks

* Tibetan brass healing bowls

* Rich Work's harmonic tools

* Tuning Forks

* Crystals

I really don't understand the thought process which allows people to consider any of the above to be healing tools. There is no real evidence. The supposed healing power is based on anecdote and assertion - essentially no different than the basis of religion.

But I did decide to look into the first item on the list just to see what was being claimed.

Now a tachyon is a hypothetical particle which travels faster than the speed of light. To achieve this it has (depending on the theory) either negative or imaginary mass, and imaginary spin. (Imaginary being used in the mathematical sense of i.) Because of the characteristics of the particle, the tachyon drive is a staple of science fiction to enable faster-than-light travel. However, an actual tachyon has never been identified in any real-world particle physics experiment. Its existence has not been proven, as far as physicists are concerned.

And yet, as far as so-called health products are concerned - depending on which sales pitch you read for "tachyon" health products, scientists from either Japan or California or Sweden have managed to construct antennas which capture tachyons, and now these fine products can be used to cure whatever ails you through "subtle energy" applied to your chakras. Apparently these things are claimed to protect you from cell phone radiation, cure anorexia and bulimia yet help you lose weight, enhance your sexual energy, and give you stress relief. Not only that, they help your garden grow, cure your pets' diseases, and keep vegetables fresher in the refrigerator. They are truly a bargain at a mere $44.95 and up.

And anyone who believes tachyon energy disks contain a single tachyon or that they perform any of the healing tricks claimed is a fool. And anyone who sells these disks on that basis is perilously close to committing fraud.