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Meditation 248
Let Those People Go!

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An organisation called ChristianExodus.org claims to be coordinating the move of thousands of Christians to South Carolina for the express purpose of re-establishing Godly, constitutional government.

Apparently, the reason they have chosen South Carolina for this privilege is that this state has the highest proportion (20%) who think they would be better off separated from the USA.

20%! That's not very many - and I'm sure that number would drop dramatically if the poll question was "Would you be better off if SC was separate from the USA and a theocracy."

Really, South Carolina is far from the best choice. While it is considered to be part of the bible belt, it is significantly less religious than most people think. According to a demographic map in the current The Atlantic[1], 7 of the state's metropolitan areas[2] have less than 35% of the population who claim a religious affiliation, and another 12 are in the 35-45% bracket. Compare this with 10 in the 55-75% bracket and none in the over 75% bracket.[3]

On the other hand, Utah and the two Dakotas both have well over half of their metropolitan areas with better than 75% of the population claiming a religious affiliation. As Utah is already in the hands of the Mormons, but it would seem North or South Dakota would be an excellent choice for ChristianExodus.org's migration plans.[4]

But still, is that really the best option? Should they not have a real exodus? Shouldn't they go home? Shouldn't they go back to Bethlehem where it all started?

It would solve so many problems. These people should buy Palestine outright. Pay off the Palestinians generously to relinquish all claims to the land, let them emigrate to the USA (with money and a work ethic, they will fit right in,) while these Christian theocrats leave the US and take over Gaza and the West Bank.

It will mean peace in the Middle East, undermine a key reason for Islamic hatred of the USA, and will place this Christian theocracy in an area of the world where theocracy is the norm.



  1. The Atlantic, September 2004- Nation in Numbers: The God Vote pp 52 -53
  2. "Metropolitan" area is just a statistical term covering all types of areas- cities, towns, villages, rural areas.
  3. This count may not be perfect - it's an eyeball count of little colored regions on a map.
  4. Perhaps a good choice for them, but too damn close to where I live for my liking.