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Discussion 1 to Meditation 248
So how's that move going?

by: JT

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Seven years later, I decided to revisit ChristianExodus.org to see how the move of thousands of Christians to South Carolina was going. Surely by now, there would be measurable success for them to report on.

But no. The official excuse (as of 16 May 2011) is....

We have learned, however; that the chains of our slavery and dependence upon godless government have more of a hold on us than can be broken by simply moving to another State.

Yeah... right. The damn government is preventing them from moving to South Carolina. It must be that top secret mobilization of the National Guard which is patrolling South Carolina's borders 24 hours a day and keeping God-fearing Christian settlers out.

Or perhaps rather than blaming the "godless government," the truth is that people value their jobs and their ties to their existing communities over throwing it all up to live in a theocracy.

So, the aim has beeen revised to:

As many like-minded Christian activists pursue independent Christian living without relocating, the scope has expanded to promote "personal secession" though many and various tracks, wherever they can be implemented.

In other words - no-one is following our lead, so we'll pretend to lead by advocating what some other fringe Christians are already doing.