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Meditation 253
And the Gold Medal Fool Is....

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I don't usually watch sports on television. But I lost a lot of time in July with daily live coverage of the Tour de France and Lance Armstrong's outstanding victory. And now, over the past two and a half of weeks, I spent an excessive amount of time watching live coverage of the Olympics. I must say Greece did an excellent job of staging the Games. As usual, judging in some events was highly questionable, but that's not the responsibility of the host country.

Marring the Games were two unfortunate interruptions of events by idiots. The first was early in the Games when a Canadian yahoo named Ron Bensimhon interrupted one of the diving events by jumping in the pool in a tutu to advertise an online casino. I won't give that operation free publicity by naming it.

And the other one, of course, was the defrocked* Irish priest, Cornelius Horan, who during the Games' final event, attacked the leader in the men's marathon, possibly costing him the gold medal.

And why did this ex-priest attack the runner? Because the fool believes that Armageddon is fast approaching and feels this is the way to publicize it. The fool also believes in the idiocy that Israel's existence fulfils a biblical prophecy.

Why am I calling him a fool? Because his actions are not going to change anyone's mind. All he is going to do is associate his set of ridiculous beliefs with his ridiculous actions. The most likely reaction is "If this idiotic priest believes that, it's got to be wrong."

Father Cornelius Horan - winner of the 2004 Olympic Gold Medal for Fools!


* Defrocked perhaps, but he was wearing a skirt.