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A real Hubble photograph. No cities - no buildings visible

Meditation 256
Heaven is up in the Stars;
or maybe it's not!

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I was browsing the National Personals in the weekend Globe & Mail,[1] and came across this rather astonishing advertisement:

takes pictures of Heaven 3 billion
light years away with images of
buildings! View website www.heavenmultiverse.com

Interestingly, the website shows precisely zero pictures to support this astonishing claim. Instead, there is an extremely poor quality scan of what seems to be an old Weekly World News graphic and headline.[2]

This is the unedited image from the web site.

The claim is made on the site that "The pictures clearly show a vast wide city floating eeriely in the blackness of space" and later that the "photograph shows a radiant flash at the edge of the Universe, filled with images of what appear to be buildings."

One wonders how such a conclusion is possible?

Consider the resolution of the Hubble. At 3 billion light years, it can make out objects about 100 light years across and larger. So it can make out galaxies. It cannot make out individual stars, let alone planets. Yet the claim is being made that a city and buildings can be seen in the photographs. At a minimum of 100 light years high, those are quite the buildings.

It is a ridiculous claim that the Hubble Telescope has sighted heaven. But, is it any more ridiculous than most other claims about the beliefs of various organized religions?



  1. Globe & Mail, Saturday, September 25, 2004
  2. This can be confirmed by a web search on the quoted "expert," Dr. Marcia Masson. The only link found was a mocking discussion of the WWN article