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Meditation 320
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If you're agnostics, how are you members of a church? If you don't care, why bother with joining a church? Then again, if you don't care, why are you joining together in a group at all? If it matters to you enough to clump together, then you do care which means your quote at the top of your website ("We don't know and we don't care.") is wrong.

As someone who loves to learn and study, please explain these questions to me.

Yours truly,


(A message dated February 12, 2005)

Once more, someone has difficulty understanding what is going on here. And once more, it is someone who has difficulty reading beyond the header, and is unable to scroll down the first page and see that these questions have already been answered, yet again, in quite recent updates.[1]

This is organized as a church because:

I make no claim that this is the only way to promote agnosticism; nor do I claim it is the best way. But, it does work.

I understand there are those who do not like the church model. I understand there are those who do not like the spin that I have put on agnosticism.

For those people, I have a suggestion: "Do it your way!"

Instead of criticizing from the sidelines, do something constructive.

Instead of telling me to change what I am doing - which is a waste of your efforts - just take on the task the way you feel it should be done.

I have no problem with others getting involved in the promotion of agnosticism. Any other agnostic site which comes to my attention will get listed in the links section, regardless of whether I agree with the fine details or not. Any other agnostic site will get my permission to republish any of my articles (with appropriate attribution, of course) that complement that particular site's perspective.

As far as I am concerned, other agnostic sites are welcome. And whatever model you choose is fine with me.


  1. See the FAQ for other articles on this issue.