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In one of the discussion boards I occasionally contribute to, one person started a thread based on what he had been taught by his professor in his university statistics course (Business 275, Quantitative Methods) - that God is the God of Chances and He guarantees that statistics will hold. God apparently actually makes sure, that in the long run, a fairly flipped coin will come up heads 50% of the time.

As the school in question is Trinity Western University, I was surprised that the professor did not specify how the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost split this onerous duty.

After several people challenged him, the originator of the discussion went on to say that God also guarantees that 1+1=2, and without Him, this equation would no longer hold.

With this type of thinking coming from a second year university student, I decided to check out TWU; and here is the mission statement:

The mission of Trinity Western University, as an arm of the Church, is to develop godly Christian leaders: positive, goal-oriented university graduates with thoroughly Christian minds; growing disciples of Christ who glorify God through fulfilling the Great Commission, serving God and people in the various marketplaces of life

This really doesn't leave much room for an education does it?

So, checking out another Christian university - Oral Roberts University; we find this mission statement:

Oral Roberts University was founded as a result of the evangelist Oral Roberts' obeying God's mandate to build a university on God's authority and the Holy Spirit. God's commission to Oral Roberts was to "Raise up your students to hear My voice, to go where My light is dim, where My voice is heard small, and My healing power is not known, even to the uttermost bounds of the earth. Their work will exceed yours, and in this I am well pleased."

Oral Roberts University is a charismatic university, founded in the fires of evangelism and upon the unchanging precepts of the Bible. The Board of Regents and the president and chief executive officer are dedicated to upholding the University's founding purpose.

You can tell from that mission statement that the students at Oral Roberts won't be getting an education.

Now Vision University does not appear to have a mission statement - it has a Doctrinal Position:

This is not intended to be a comprehensive statement of faith, but rather a guide to the doctrinal boundaries within which the University functions. Those who share our spiritual identity will be generally familiar with the following terms, and will be able to fill in what is lacking. However, if you desire clarification of any point, do not hesitate to inquire. We will be pleased to give you details of our stance upon any doctrinal position. We believe:

  • That there is only one God, eternally existent three persons; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • In the absolute Lordship and deity of Christ, including His pre-existence, His virgin birth, His sinless life, His atoning death, His bodily resurrection, and His eventual return to the Earth in glory and power to establish His eternal kingdom.
  • In the full spiritual authority, the reliability, and the divine inspiration of the Bible.
  • That nothing can replace the importance of the local church in the program of God.
  • That the great task of the Church is worldwide evangelism.
  • That entrance into the Church is through the "new birth", which is brought about by genuine repentance of sin, confession of faith in Christ as the only Savior, and surrender to Him as Lord.
  • That membership in the Church is signified by joyful participation in its worship, fellowship, sacraments, witness, and by acceptance of its discipline.
  • That the ministry of the Holy Spirit is an essential component of effective Christian life and witness.
  • That the church cannot fulfill its mission apart from the five ascension gift ministries that Christ has sent into the world: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. We accept that it is part of our responsibility to recognize those people and to assist in equipping them to fulfill their ministry.
  • That Christ purchased healing for every believer at Calvary, and this healing may be appropriated by faith.
  • In the reality of Satan, and the kingdom of darkness over which he reigns. We believe also in the absolute triumph of Christ over the devil and all his works.
  • That victorious Christian life is built upon a proper understanding and exercise of the spiritual authority conveyed to the believer by the gift of righteousness.
  • In the resurrection of the dead at Christ's return, in the certainty of God's judgment, and in the inescapable result of that judgment foretold in the scriptures for the just and for the unjust.

Apparently nothing at Vision involves actual learning.

I don't think religion is in itself incompatible with education; but if an education is bounded by a mandate to promote a specific narrow religious view, then that education is bound to be flawed, as will the thought processes of the students