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Meditation 336
Inconsistent Deity

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Following up on the idea, apparently taught in statistics courses[1] at Trinity Western University, that God is actively involved in ensuring that flipped coins come up heads the correct proportion of times, and is actively involved in ensuring that 1+1 continues to equal 2; what does this say about God?

This is something a little more involved than the old philosophical concept that we can trust reality because God exists. Rather, it suggests that God must be actively and continuously involved in the minutest details of every event[2] to guarantee the continuation of reality.

And yet, they believe their God is perfect, all-powerful and all-knowing.

If an omnipotent omniscient perfect God really existed, and that God created the world, the Universe and everything, would he not have created it such that it did not require constant meddling? Is a necessity for continuous fine-tuning consistent with the perfect God they claim they believe in?

It is not just unsound statistics they are teaching; it is also unsound theology.



  1. Meditation 335 - American Madrassahs
  2. No wonder he apparently does not have the time to answer prayers that he cure disease or that he bring about world peace.