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Discussion 1 to Meditation 358
Opiates for the Masses

by Reverend Bob

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I am in agreement with the author of this Meditation, but I think he left one major point out: Stalin, Mao tse Tung, and Pol Pot were self-deified Cults of Personality. As assanine as it might seem, rampant Egos are always there to fill in the gaps in the mass's need for a Higher Echelon of Being.

I feel that in order to overcome the need for an opiate of those masses, perhaps we should look to a simpler approach. Free opiates for the masses!!! When is the last time anyone heard of a heroin nodding mob lynching or burning anyone? (Other than themselves of course. Smoking + shooting heroin + an old mattress is a bad combination.)

Have you ever been awoken at 7am on a Saturday by 2 junkies and pack of their children, wanting to give you pamphlets on the miracle of addiction? And when junkies beg for money, they have the decency not to demand Federal Subsidised Radio and Television broadcasting platforms to panhandle from!