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16 seconds after impact (NASA Image)

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Deep Impact Astrology

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In a project named "Deep Impact," NASA celebrated the fourth of July by crashing a probe into the comet Tempe1 in the hope of getting some new information on how the solar system was formed.

A Russian astrologer, Marina Bai. has responded by suing NASA for $300 million for the moral suffering she has incurred because the impact deformed her horoscope.

In view of the lack of reliability and credibility of both horoscopes and astrologers, it is unlikely Ms. Bai has suffered any harm. However, she may be reaping the benefit of free publicity.

Given that astrology is based on inaccurate calculations of the movements of stars and planets from over 2000 years ago, it is questionable that the movements of a comet not discovered until 1867 were included in anyone's horoscope.

Crashing a probe into a comet could not possibly make any astrologer's powers of prediction worse. Of course, this experiment will not improve any astrologer's powers either.