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Meditation 386
The Tragedy of Faith

By Bob Elliott

“When men ignite in their hearts a religious fury, they inflict at the same time blindness upon their eyes”

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It is most unfortunate, that despite their similar faculties, so many other human beings among us on this beautiful planet voluntarily remove themselves from the stark realities and basic honesties of life by abandoning reason. They mindlessly place themselves and the young whom they influence into a supernatural realm of make-believe and mythology; a mystical place of absurdity only accessible through conjecture and the limitless bounds of human imagination. Unable to relate intelligently within reality, they find delusional refuge in religious books which represent themselves as the absolute word of the mythical creator of the universe; the Bible, the Koran, the Talmud and the Book of Mormon. Imaginary places where angels fly about the clouds or play on harps; a supreme deity directs human thought and behavior and the unfortunate burn for their transgressions in lakes of fire. Different sects and denominations await the end of the world countless times or “The kingdom of God” on earth. How utterly preposterous. Unfortunately however these poor people have no other refuge that is not equally as ridiculous. When asked for any plausible substance or reason they appear offended and profess the “faith” even more forcefully with programmed incoherent dogma, nonsense or evidence of miracles or faith healing.

It is most comical to see these poor wretched, self-righteous people arrogantly defend these “faiths” with twisted logic. The faiths which have ultimately caused the terror and brutality of the Inquisition, 911 and the sectarian hatreds between those who ignorantly defend their ludicrous and contradictory fabrications instilled by distrust and fear. These unfortunate people are also probably among the most dull and humorless people on the face of the earth. They are limited and discouraged from intelligent thought or rational introspection and devote almost every waking hour to the meaningless, obsession of their imagination or pathetically “praying” like some deranged monk from the Middle Ages. In an instant they can invariably describe what this imaginary deity thinks or says on a variety of human conditions or recite the rhetoric of the “sacred” books that have long since ceased to have any relevance in the real world of scientific evidence. They appear to reject the higher levels of consciousness and intelligence related to human creativity and knowledge and prefer to regress into the indoctrination of their youth or “conversion” to another dull mind set they can somehow interpret as love.

How truly wonderful it is to be free of the nonsense and utter shame of being religious or “spiritual”, and grateful that most of humanity is finally free from their monstrous crimes and disgustingly violent history on this planet. Free from the perverted mentality of Ian Paisley, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Jones, David Corrish, Pope Alexander, Osama Bin Ladin, the pedophile priests and countless other deviants who lured the young and other unfortunates into their delusional mind sets. Of course the religionists conveniently ignore or reject their history and accept no responsibility for their criminal past.

The Real Battle of Armageddon

What outrageous fools are the religionists with their pompous airs of respectability, acceptance by other naive adherents, the gullible youth or those poor victims seeking some relief from depression. Unable or unwilling to grasp the simple truths of reality, they indulge in the world of childish fantasy and illusion to draw the rest humanity in with the promise of “salvation” whatever that can possibly be interpreted to mean. Why do they fail to examine the reason for 235 different sects and denominations in Christianity alone all disagreeing with each other’s interpretations? Notice the ludicrous adornments and ridiculous traditions; the “solemn and sacred” fantasies of eating a cracker to denote a body and drinking wine for blood: Not to mention the snake worshipers and “holy” water.

Many religions owe society a profound apology for their despicable and degenerate attacks on children and the aboriginal people who looked to them for kindness and understanding. For poisoning young minds with nonsense and conveniently absolving themselves from responsibility.. The Roman Catholic church has now paid out almost one billion dollars in sexual abuse lawsuits.

As we approach a most critical age of destruction and the ultimate realization of war between the faiths, the time must come to confront and reverse the credibility and respectability of religion for what it really is; A form of mental illness. Those who prefer a life without religion must demonstrate their intolerance with their stupidity. The potential for terrorism and ultimate destruction with modern day weaponry is most alarming. We must encourage people to accept and live in a world of real decency and kindness to each other. Let us hope that in a new refreshing age to come we can sweep aside all those differences that divide us as human beings. Religion would place first on the list.